It's time to
the way you think and feel about your
 body and food

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Do you feel at war with your body?

Are you constantly comparing yourself to other women or the younger version of you?

Do you spend most of your time not feeling "good enough"?

Do you feel out of control with your eating? One day you're dieting, the next you're fighting off cravings, comfort eating or binge eating?

Do you over-exercise to try and change your body weight, shape or size but still feel like you don't match up?


If you answered yes to any of the above questions then I am so glad that you found me!

How many decades have you spent disliking your body, feeling ashamed and uncomfortable about how you look and worrying about what to eat?

​How many precious moments of fun, adventure, love and connection have these thoughts stolen from you?

I'm Emma, a Body Image Coach helping women end the war with their bodies so that they can look in the mirror and know that they are good enough already.

I do this by helping them find freedom from yo-yo dieting, emotional eating, binge-eating, over-exercising and comparing themselves to other women, and to feel at peace in their bodies, confident in who they are and to live a happy & fulfilled life.

How would YOUR life be different if you felt confident in yourself and your body?


I help women end the war with their bodies and food

and Reclaim their Body Confidence

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