About Me

You're a woman who...

Has spent decades looking in the mirror and hating what's reflected back.

Even though others might not know it to look at you, you have never quite felt good enough. You have this persistent, underlying feeling of not matching up to other women and you spend more time than you like to admit consumed by self-doubt, self-judgement and over-thinking how you look, what you eat, what you wear and many of the decisions that you make in your life.

Because of how you feel about yourself, you're constantly comparing what you believe you see in others, to what you think you lack and it feels like a full time job trying to "fix" what's wrong.

You feel trapped in a never-ending cycle; moving from diet to diet, each one leaving you feeling more confused about food and exhausted from all the counting, weighing, measuring and tracking.


Your exercise routine might resemble a military boot camp and you will keep pushing even when you're unwell or injured. The thought of not exercising leaves you feeling anxious and ashamed.

Despite all the programmes that promised you a "transformation", you still haven't found the confidence you crave.

You can't go out with friends without having to check the menu ahead of time to make sure there's something that "fits" with the plan you're currently on and anxiety washes over you when you think about what to wear; feeling like you never look as good as anyone else. Often the stress of it is just too much and you end up making some excuse to cancel or you get so drunk just to forget how uncomfortable you feel.


You can't remember the last time you were REALLY present with your friends and family and spent a day without feeling self-conscious.

But now you realise that you're spending so much of your life worrying, instead of actually living it!

That's why I understand what it feels like to spend so much of your time, money and mental energy preoccupied with what you look like; comparing yourself to other women, dieting, over-exercising and no matter what you do, still not feeling like you will ever be good enough.

I know what it feels like to be in a constant battle with your body because this was my story for over two decades.

My obsession with how I felt about myself, my body and food felt like a full time occupation.

I tried countless diets and training plans; restricting my food and pushing myself harder and harder with exercise because I believed all these things would lead to the happiness, health, success, acceptance and love that I craved.

It all came at a price. I was consumed with constant anxiety about my body and what I was eating.

The more I was "working" on my body, the more anxiety I felt and the more time and joy it was sucking from my life.  I was spending less time with friends and family and doing the things that I had loved and felt passionate about.


There are so many moments of my life that I will never get back!!

Then one day it hit me - I had just returned from what should have been a wonderful holiday with my husband and I realised that all I had done was walk around comparing my body to all the other women around me, feeling sad, anxious and angry for not having done enough to look like them, even though I was "working" on my body every single day. 

I was totally exhausted from it all and felt worse than ever!

I realised then that no matter what weight or size I was, it was never going to be enough because I didn't feel good enough about myself on the inside. 

I knew I had to do something completely different


It was right there and then that I realised I couldn't keep going the way I was and I knew I had to do something completely different before my health and life suffered any more than they already had.

It was on that day that I promised myself I would never go on another diet - ever!

Over the years that followed, I engrossed myself in learning and applying tools that have helped me feel at peace with food and experience a confidence in myself that dieting could never give me. I have trained professionally so that I get to share it all with other women; women just like you who want to heal body shame and anxiety and food guilt and confusion.

Nowadays food has no power over me and I can enjoy all the previously “forbidden” foods without counting a single calorie or macro.

I’ve learned to move my body in ways that feel pleasurable, fun and energising for my mind and body because it feels good - not because I am trying to change my appearance.


I've learned that I don't need to change my body to be happy, healthy, confident and fulfilled and that the number on the scale and size of clothes I wear say absolutely nothing about who I am.


​​I've learned that the way we've been taught to think and feel about our bodies is not our fault and that our bodies have NEVER been wrong!

I SO badly want this for you too!

I so badly want this for you too and that's why it's my mission to help women feel confident in themselves and with food, happy and fulfilled so they can finally do all the things they've been holding back on.


What are YOU missing out on because of how you feel about your body?

Find out more about how to Reclaim Your Body Confidence

I know what it feels like to be in a constant battle with your body because this was my story for over two decades.

A little bit more...

My life...

I live in Oxfordshire, England with my husband David and our extremely lively Cocker Spaniel, Rudy.

I'm Mum to Jamie, who is all grown and has flown the nest and step-mum to five boys... so our house can be a little hectic at times! 

I love walking, being by the sea, reading, listening to music, cooking, red wine, camping, afternoon teas, chips and roast dinners & I have a passion for personal development and learning. 

You can usually find me in my happy place, walking my dog Rudy in the Oxfordshire countryside.

My Values

I aim to live my life true to my core values of freedom, empowerment, love, kindness, trust, respect and joy. I believe that we are all born innately worthy and all deserve the same opportunities in life. As a result I aim to be inclusive within my work, so although the main focus of my coaching is with women, I will work with any folks if working together feels good to both of us!

I'm passionate about preventing body image issues and eating disorders and I give a percentage of my business profits to eating disorder charities.

My Qualifications & Experience

I am a qualified Counsellor, Body Image Coach, Body Confidence Coach and Certified Health & Life Coach. I am a lifelong learner and I am always developing myself so that I can expand my toolkit to help facilitate powerful change in my clients. I also hold a number of other trainings these currently include; Mental Health First Aider; NLP;  EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Mindfulness Meditation Practitioner.