"Before working with Emma I didn't like my body at all and had very little self-worth or confidence. I am now the polar opposite.

Emma has given me the tools and confidence to love myself, to show me that I am worth good food. I have so much more confidence and self-belief. My friends and family have all seen such a positive change in me and guilt has been banished from my life.

Thank you Emma for this amazing life journey. You have truly shown me a new way of life and I will be forever grateful to you"




" I am so glad I decided to invest in myself; suffering silently with self-doubt and lack of self belief wasn’t doing me any favours. But then I met Emma. She taught me how to retrain my thoughts into positive ways of thinking and I notice I am more confident, take time in my actions rather than being quick and defensive and I now understand why I had those feelings in the first place. I feel much happier in myself. I am forever grateful. Thank you, Emma."


Emma works with integrity and compassion. She is professional in her manner and makes you feel so at ease. You instantly know that she is working with you and for you and wants you to be successful.
I started to understand my relationship with my body and the way I see myself. This led to a change in my eating habits and finding the fun in life again. Some of the exercises really dig deep but you know you are in safe hands. I really enjoyed working with Emma and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her as a coach.


I started working with Emma because I wanted to feel more confident about myself and since working with her, I feel like a new woman! I have a better relationship with my inner self and now recognise what my body needs. Emma is so easy to talk to, she is reassuring and supports you all the way through the programme. If you have the opportunity to work with Emma and build a better relationship with yourself then take it. She has taught me tools that I will carry with me through my life. She is amazing!


"I wanted to work with Emma after attending one of her talks and really liking her approach.

I know that the things that I have learned from Emma will stay with me for the rest of my life. I can now accept compliments, I am able to say I love myself and I know now that I do not have to starve myself to become the person I want to be. Being "me" is ok as long as I accept that I am making the choices that I want to make. I am in control of my own destiny and with Emma's support and encouragement I can be whoever i want to be. She's fab! "


"I honestly feel like my life has changed, I feel completely different. It sounds weird but now I actually feel like ‘me’. The programme has given me clarity. I hated myself before – my body, my self-confidence, I didn’t think much of myself at all but now I love 'me'!"


"...Emma has helped me view things from a different perspective and question why I might be feeling the way I do and reframe my anxiety in a different way. I have found working with her invaluable and it has made a real difference to my life. I'm left feeling positive, happy and optimistic for the future. If you're thinking of having sessions with Emma, just do it! You won't regret it. She is amazing and genuinely interested in your thoughts and feelings and helping you to live the happy, joyful life that you want'!"