Unlock Your Emotional Eating Masterclass

Are You an Emotional Eater?

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We use food for so many different reasons;

As a reward for something we've achieved; as a celebration and to connect with friends and loved ones.

We also eat when we're stressed, angry, bored and when we want to numb out difficult, painful emotions.

Food is something that connects us to feelings of pleasure but it can also be used as a tool to punish ourselves with.

When we consistently eat emotionally (when we know we're not physically hungry) it can leave us feeling guilty, ashamed and embarrassed and uncomfortable in our bodies.

It can leave us entering a cycle of binge eating and restriction and feeling out of control with food.

Most clients come to me saying they just want to learn to eat "normally" and that they don't seem to be able to break the cycle of overeating, binge eating, comfort eating, stress eating or fighting off intense cravings.

Sound familiar?









In this FREE webinar we will explore what "normal" eating really looks like, how to start understanding your emotional eating behaviours and I will share a path to food freedom that will help you unlock your emotional eating so that you can become a "normal" eater. 

When you attend the webinar you will receive a FREE COPY of my ebook Unlock Emotional Eating.

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With love,

Emma Langstaff
Body Confidence Coach (MIBCC) Dip. Couns