I know how painful it has been for you to try and fit in, whether that has been from attempting to change your weight, your size, the way you look and behave or a whole host of other expectations you've been desperately trying to live up to. 


I'm guessing that because you are here, no matter what you've tried you still don't feel good enough.

I know that this has been all-consuming and it has held you back from living your life how you'd like to live it. 

Whatever your journey has looked like, whether it's been a few years or several decades, I know that trying to match up and feel good enough has been exhausting.

I know you're now at the stage where you know what you've been doing just isn't working and you can't face starting another diet, "lifestyle" or exercise plan..

I hear you!

When we work together, we create a space where you build your feelings of confidence and self-worth beyond the scale or size of your body so you  have the time, energy and self-belief to be exactly who you want to be and do all the things you've been wanting to do. 

If you want to have a relationship with yourself and your body where you are able to trust, respect, show kindness and compassion, relate to food in a way that feels easy and have true inner confidence, then you need the BODY CONFIDENCE BREAKTHROUGH METHOD.

What is THE Body confidence BREAKTHROUGH METHOD?

The Body Confidence Breakthrough Method is the powerful coaching programme for women that I developed based on my own journey, the transformational coaching I have learned and the experiences I've gained from working with women, just like you.


* You’re exhausted from obsessing over how you look and what you should eat and you can’t face starting another diet, or “lifestyle” plan that doesn’t work and takes up your time, energy and mental resources.

* You hate what you see when you look in the mirror.

* You constantly compare your body, food and lifestyle to that of other women.

* You’ve spent years dieting and you’re done with hanging your happiness and ability to fully embrace your life on getting your "perfect body"’.

* You're confused about how to eat "normally". You often feel out of control with food or may even feel addicted to certain foods.

* You exercise at all costs, even when you're exhausted or unwell.
Exercise has become a punishment for not having the body you think you should have, or as something you need to do to “earn your right to eat”

* You’re ready to be free of that critical inner voice who is constantly telling you you’re not good enough.

* You are totally fed up with life passing you by and there are too many things you’ve put on hold or you’ve missed out on because of your body confidence.

how does it work?

Every program is unique to you but here is a snapshot of what we might cover in your Body Confidence Breakthrough, depending on where you are in your journey right now:

  • In a loving, safe and supportive environment, we’ll explore your experiences, thoughts and ideas that have been getting in the way of you feeling confident in your body and have influenced your relationship with food and exercise.

  • You’ll create a powerful vision of what a Body Confident you will feel like in the future and what you want your fully embraced life to look like (one that isn’t dependent on you changing your body!)

  • You’ll build a plan to reconnect with your body and build trust in your own ability to know what your body needs in a way that nourishes and supports you and where you don’t feel out of control (I know this sounds scary right now, but I promise it’s possible)

  • We’ll look at the areas in your life where you currently feel energised and joyful and the areas that might need more self-care, fun, adventure or personal power.

  • You’ll learn new behaviours and ways of thinking so you can let go of those old, unhelpful patterns and beliefs and learn new empowering beliefs and behaviours.

  • We’ll explore Diet Culture and how this has been damaging your body confidence and develop a strategy so you get to have more positive influences taking up your valuable time and energy.

  • You’ll work on the limiting beliefs you’ve been holding on to about food so it no longer feels like something to be afraid of, out of control around – i.e. foods that are good and bad.

  • How you feel about your body will be transformed as you develop gratitude, respect, kindness and self-compassion.

  • You’ll learn what exercise and movement feels good and choose from a place of joy instead of punishment.

  • You’ll get to redefine what a healthy, happy life looks and feels like for you – choosing habits that light you up!

  • You’ll be able to look at other women without the comparison, jealousy and anxiety that left you not feeling good enough in the past.

  • You’ll learn to speak up for yourself and set your own boundaries – saying YES when you mean yes and NO when you mean no.

  • You’ll discover that you are so much more than a body or object and that you get to live a fully embraced life in the body you’re in! No punishment, self-loathing or restriction required!

    what you'll get when we work together

  • A powerful, one to one coaching programme written just for you, based on where you are in your journey and what you want the outcomes to be.

  • 12 x one hour coaching sessions held over video or phone.
    At the end of each session we’ll co-create an experiment or action to strengthen what you’ve discovered, try things out and move you closer to your outcomes.


  • Email support between sessions for if you ever feel stuck, need support in overcoming any challenges or just want to celebrate a breakthrough!

  • Tasks designed to deepen the work we do to improve your confidence, self-esteem and compassion and nurture your relationship with your body.

  • Access to really helpful resources which will support the work you’re doing.

  • Unwavering support and an unbiased ear from someone who completely believes in you and will hold your vision for you even if you’re doubting yourself!

This is a life-changing journey, therefore it is imperative that you find the right person to walk the path with you. If you want to find out if that's me then please do get in touch to ask any questions or book your free, no obligation Breakthrough session.

Due to the wonders of modern technology I get to work with people all over the world by phone or video call so if we can make it work, it doesn't matter where in the world you are.



  • Have a relationship with food that leaves you feeling calm, peaceful and nourished (goodbye restriction & deprivation, shame & guilt)

  • Trust yourself and your body to know what you need and what's right for you (so long rules!)

  • Love the woman you see in the mirror (hello self-love, goodbye self loathing!)

  • Find movement that motivates and excites you (ditch those painful, punishing workouts!)

  • Live a life where you can take care of your own needs without neglecting those around you (goodbye exhaustion & overwhelm!)

  • Having the confidence to live true to your deepest values and desires (no more holding back)

  • Become the expert of your own health and well-being (Hello Personal power)

  • Truly understand yourself for the first time in your life (Welcome, Beautiful!)





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